Homerswood Reclaim Yard is a passionate flooring company that is always stocked with a plethora of aesthetically appealing and highly durable wood floorings. We store engineered wood flooring in varied styles and designs to cater to every taste. You will also find a variety of wooden flooring finishes, ranging from oil modified and moisture cured urethane floor finishes to varnish and natural shellac as well.

Our specialty lies in Wood Reclaim from different sites, ensuring myriad texture, patterns and designs for every liking. We both manufacture and supply floor boards thereby cutting costs and offering you a wide array of exciting flooring options at an affordable price.

In addition to these, we are also a maestro in creating spellbinding carpentry items to help you adorn your home or any commercial space with highly functional and ornate furniture.


We are one of the top selling vendors of reclaimed floor boards and reclaimed pitch pine for wooden flooring.The supply of our reclaimed timber has made us the first choice among the buyers. Our quality products and customer services are second to none.We strive to make your floors and house look chic and elegantand that too, at a fraction of the cost! We ensure a floor that would give you a royal feeling and cause your neighbors to go green with envy. Our projects involving manufacture and usage of reclaimed floorboards in UK have won hearts all over the world. We ensure timely and consistent supply of restored and reclaimed wood due to our valued reputation and long term association with our suppliers.


We are Homerswood Reclaim Yard, a company dedicated to providing high class reclaimed wood flooring in UK. We supply architects, specifiers and individuals who want to switch the feel of their floors from basic concrete and tiles to the classic wooden finish.
Our strong commitment towards delivering supreme quality products and a receptive consumer interface makes business with us, a wonderful experience. Our skilled craftsmen select the best of products from the world over to ensure your house exhibits the finest wooden flooring, there is.

Wood is our passion

Wood is our passion.
We strive for beautiful creations in wood; whether it is chic wooden flooring or an exquisite piece of furniture. Our zeal for creating ornate wooden works can be gauged from another of our esteemed enterprise, Novak Carpenters, where we offer our refined carpentry services.
Working on the lines of perfection, integrity and team work, our designs and quality are bespoke.Our aim is to give your house a look which exudes elegance and grandeur in every corner. Come, join hands with us and adorn your home with our design and our craftsmanship which not only is affordable but rich too.


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