Carpentry Services

Novak Carpenters, is another of our dedicated website that offers bespoke carpentry services to cater all your furniture related needs as well. Our carpentry services are finely tailored to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Novak Carpenters has an amazing solution for your flooring plans for both residential and commercial space too. The carpentry and joinery services that you are going to avail from us are thoroughly grounded to perfection.


Our team of joiners, woodworkers and craftsmen leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing pitch pine flooring at your residential accommodation or crafting furniture with contemporary artwork and meticulous work patterns. We use modern techniques of carpentry and use advanced joinery tools so as to ensure that every piece is crafted in style and with utmost precision.


Every minute detail of our work that range from crafting floor beams, wood panels, ply and furniture are taken special care of and are thoroughly tested, complying with the industrial grade standards. Our skilled staff is always concerned of your priorities and this drives us to pay special attention to quality control and selection of raw materials. Our UK based reclaimed wood flooring is simply among the best ones that we source from trustworthy suppliers and have an extensive stock of floorboards, pitch pine and other timber products for various clients.


Novak Carpenters puts together best of the efforts and work with builders, developers, architects and other specialists to deliver the quality results that they deserve. We have an amazing set of services that will surely be on the lines of your requirements. The skilled team of our joiners helps you in every aspect of your furniture or flooring needs and the reclaimed wood solutions that we offer are cost effective as well.


Reclaimed wood is a convenient option for flooring as they are recyclable and you don’t have to invest extra money in shaping and furnishing them. All you need is to get them from us and we will install them at your facility, thereby cutting excessive costs of installing newer flooring. We provide you a lucrative option to buy reclaimed wood from us in different varieties of oak, mahogany, pine and cedar wood.


We believe in transforming your space with our finest quality reclaimed wood, floorboards and timber cladding!


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