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We offer you the best of reclaimed wooden flooring. Such wooden flooring doesn’t just look modish but defines your status too.We aim to give your house a look that everyone craves for.Floorboards are supplied in various sizes, lengths and thickness depending upon your requirements. We have variety of styles and designs in maple wood and rosewood reclaimed floor boards of UK that you are sure to love for your floor. We also offer services of analyzing what colored floorboard would suit your home. Let us join hands to create a piece of art that epitomizes fine artistry. You may select your desired type of flooring,online, from a variety of options available here.

Pitch Pine

Being mostly used in heavy constructions, Pitch pine has gained popularity in making of plywood and floorboards. With its natural look and a sophisticated display, Pitch Pine has begunto make up for the most of our sales. Being described as the best flooring ever, our customers’ word of mouth publicity and loyalty prove the uniqueness of our world class product.Our Pitch Pine flooring is now trending to become one of the most sought after style.Our collection of Pitch pine in different colors and varied sizes is sure to leave you amazed.We understand your need to make your floors royal in the most economical way. At Homerswood, you will find the most competitive prices for the quality products.

Reclaimed Wood

Going green seems to be the new black! Reclaimed wood uses old wood used in furniture instead of using fresh wood. This recycled wood is presented in a way that doesn’t just look brand new but has a vintage or a raw appeal to it. You can do your bit towards environment protection just by using our reclaimed wood. We manufacture and provide you with the best reclaimed wood in town. We have a broad array of reclaimed wood in our catalog for you to choose from. Timber, which is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, is another frequently bought item. We cater to the needs of individual buyers as well as trading businesses. Buy reclaimed wood today and enjoy its fruits of eliteness for years to come.