Timber is a proven renewable resource which makes it the perfect building material. Timber has naturally insulating properties and is around five times much better than concrete or bricks and even surpasses steel with being more than 250 times better than it. We provide pre-sanded reclaimed pitch pine for carpentry purposes. Most old homes in Britain used a lot of wood in their making. The raw supply of timber that we provide can be used for making furniture such as couches, chairs, tables etc. Unlike other building materials, timber is maybe one of the few building materials which do not contribute to global warming. Timber directly affects a country’s economy by employing thousands of people because of how renewable it is.


Take a look around, and you’ll realize how much timber is used in building things you come across every day. Timber is harvested from the strongest and the tallest standing trees to make the strongest structures and articles for everyday use. The cabinets, wardrobes and shelves in your house are all made from timber. It is also the only material in the fences that protect us from infiltrators and thieves. Even prosthetic limbs are made from high class timber.


We supply timber to be used as raw material for contractors, carpenters and individuals. With the timber, come our years and years of experience in handling and using it. The latest trend these days is the use of timber for classic looking wooden flooring. Fine UK Pine floorboards are made and sold exclusively by us. We even provide complete services from installation of your new flooring to proper care and whenever needed, maintenance too is provided.


At our company, you will not only find the best deals for your raw supply of timber but the specialist workers who wave their magic over these dead slabs of lumber and turn them into something beautiful with high significant use! We are experts in providing the best reclaimed wood flooring that UK has to offer. So if you’re someone looking to get rid of their old tiled flooring which feels colder every time you step on it, check out our ‘Contact Us’ space and get in touch for a classic wooden flooring now!